Accepted Papers

  • 13 David Baelde, Stephanie Delaune and Lucca Hirschi

    POR for Security Protocol Equivalences: Beyond Action-Determinism

  • 23 Dimitris Gritzalis, George Stergiopoulos, Alexander Talavari and Evangelos Bitsikas

    Automatic detection of various malicious traffic using side channel features on TCP packets

  • 26 Takanori Isobe and Kazuhiko Minematsu

    Breaking the Message Integrity of End-to-End Encryption Schemes of LINE

  • 28 Prabhakaran Kasinathan and Jorge Cuellar

    Workflow-Aware Security of Integrated Mobility Services

  • 31 Erik-Oliver Blass and Florian Kerschbaum

    Strain: A Secure Auction for Blockchains

  • 33 Jianghua Liu, Jinhua Ma, Wanlei Zhou, Yang Xiang and Xinyi Huang

    Dissemination of Authenticated Tree-Structured Data with Privacy Protection and Fine-Grained Control in Outsourced Databases

  • 36 Hui Ma, Rui Zhang, Guomin Yang, Zishuai Song, Shuzhou Sun and Yuting Xiao

    Concessive Online/Offline Attribute Based Encryption with Cryptographic Reverse Firewalls-Secure and Efficient Fine-Grained Access Control on Corrupted Machines

  • 56 Jinguang Han, Liqun Chen, Steve Schneider, Helen Treharne and Stephan Wesemeyer

    Anonymous Single-Sign-On for n designated services with traceability

  • 57 Paul Muntean, Sebastian Wuerl, Jens Grossklags and Claudia Eckert

    CastSan: Efficient Detection of Polymorphic C++ Object Type Confusions

  • 63 Moreno Ambrosin, Mauro Conti, Ahmad Ibrahim, Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi and Matthias Schunter

    SCIoT: A Secure and sCalable end-to-end management framework for IoT Devices

  • 67 Qian Cui, Guy-Vincent Jourdan, Gregor Bochmann, Iosif Viorel Onut and Jason Flood

    Phishing Attacks Modifications and Evolutions

  • 68 Ben Lapid and Avishai Wool

    Navigating the Samsung TrustZone and Cache-Attacks on the Keymaster Trustlet

  • 75 Jingquan Ge, Neng Gao, Chenyang Tu, Zeyi Liu and Jun Yuan

    Combination of Hardware and Software: An Efficient AES Implementation Resistant to Side-channel Attacks on All Programmable SoC

  • 76 Xingchen Wang and Yunlei Zhao

    Order-Revealing Encryption: File-Injection Attack and Forward Security

  • 91 Mika Juuti, Bo Sun, Tatsuya Mori and N. Asokan

    Stay On-Topic: Generating Context-specific Fake Restaurant Reviews

  • 109 Benoit Libert, Thomas Peters and Chen Qian

    Logarithmic-Size Ring Signatures With Tight Security from the DDH Assumption

  • 119 Jin Li, Heng Ye, Jiqiang Liu, Wei Wang, Rongxing Lu and Wenjing Lou

    Efficient and Secure Outsourcing of Differentially Private Data Publication

  • 123 Yan Michalevsky and Marc Joye

    Decentralized Policy-Hiding ABE with Receiver Privacy

  • 124 Tobias Urban, Dennis Tatang, Thorsten Holz and Norbert Pohlmann

    Towards Understanding Privacy Implications of Adware and Potentially Unwanted Programs

  • 126 Jianfeng Wang, Xiaofeng Chen, Shi-Feng Sun, Joseph K. Liu, Man Ho Au and Zhi-Hui Zhan

    Towards Efficient Verifiable Conjunctive Keyword Search for Large Encrypted Database

  • 129 Junzuo Lai and Qiang Tang

    Making Any Attribute-Based Encryption Accountable, Efficiently

  • 130 Julien Keuffer, Refik Molva and Herve Chabanne

    Efficient Proof Composition for Verifiable Computation

  • 133 Hiraku Morita, Nuttapong Attrapadung, Tadanori Teruya, Satsuya Ohata, Koji Nuida and Goichiro Hanaoka

    Constant-Round Client-Aided Secure Comparison Protocol

  • 138 Eleftherios Kokoris-Kogias, Elli Androulaki, Angelo De Caro and Christian Cachin

    Channels: Horizontal Scaling and Confidentiality on Permissioned Blockchains

  • 139 Nicolae Paladi, Linus Karlsson and Khalid Elbashir

    Trust Anchors in Software Defined Networks

  • 150 Filip Zagorski, Pawel Lorek and Karol Gotfryd Riffle

    Scrambler a memory-hard password storing function

  • 157 Jihye Kim, Seunghwa Lee, Jiwon Lee and Hyunok Oh

    Scalable Wildcarded Identity-Based Encryption

  • 168 Sascha Gross, Abhishek Tiwari and Christian Hammer

    PIAnalyzer: A precise approach for PendingIntent vulnerability analysis

  • 170 Ron Bitton, Tomer Gluck, Orly Stan, Masaki Inokuchi, Yoshinobu Ohta, Yoshiyuki Yamada, Tomohiko Yagyu, Yuval Elovici and Asaf Shabtai

    Deriving a Cost-Effective Digital-Twin of an ICS to Facilitate Security Evaluation

  • 172 Niklas Buescher, Alina Weber and Stefan Katzenbeisser

    Towards Pratical RAM based Secure Computation

  • 174 Veronique Cortier, Antoine Dallon and Stephanie Delaune

    Efficiently deciding equivalence for standard primitives and phases

  • 179 Katharina Kohls and Christina Popper

    DigesTor: Comparing Passive Traffic Analysis Attacks on Tor

  • 181 Jan Van den Herrewegen and Flavio D. Garcia

    Beneath the Bonnet: a Breakdown of Diagnostic Security

  • 200 Kaiming Fang and Guanhua Yan

    Emulation-Instrumented Fuzz Testing of 4G/LTE Android Mobile Devices Guided by Reinforcement Learning

  • 214 Kiran Balagani, Mauro Conti, Paolo Gasti, Martin Georgiev, Tristan Gurtler, Daniele Lain, Charissa Miller, Kendall Molas, Nikita Samarin, Eugen Saraci, Gene Tsudik and Lynn Wu

    SILK-TV: Secret Information Leakage from Keystroke Timing Videos

  • 215 Juan E. Rubio, Rodrigo Roman, Cristina Alcaraz and Yan Zhang

    Tracking Advanced Persistent Threats in Critical Infrastructures through Opinion Dynamics

  • 217 Christof Torres and Hugo Jonker

    Investigating Fingerprinters and Fingerprinting-alike Behaviour of Android Applications

  • 220 Christopher McMahon Stone, Tom Chothia and Joeri de Ruiter

    Extending Automated Protocol State Learning for the 802.11 4-Way Handshake

  • 225 Yibin Liao, Ruoyan Cai, Guodong Zhu, Yue Yin and Kang Li

    MobileFindr: Function Similarity Identification for Reversing Mobile Apps

  • 226 Erisa Karafili, Matteo Cristani and Luca Vigano

    A Formal Approach to Analyzing Cyber-Forensics Evidence

  • 235 Amir Alimohammadifar, Suryadipta Majumdar, Taous Madi, Yosr Jarraya, Makan Pourzandi, Lingyu Wang and Mourad Debbabi

    Stealthy Probing-based Verification (SPV): An Active Approach to Defending Software Defined Networks against Topology Poisoning Attacks

  • 242 Gergei Bana, Rohit Chadha and Ajay Kumar Eeralla

    Formal Analysis of Vote Privacy using Computationally Complete Symbolic Attacker

  • 243 Marina Blanton and Myoungin Jeong

    Improved Signature Schemes for Secure Multi-Party Computation with Certified Inputs

  • 248 Sarvar Patel, Giuseppe Persiano and Kevin Yeo

    Symmetric Searchable Encryption with Sharing and Unsharing

  • 249 Wenhao Wang, Benjamin Ferrell, Xiaoyang Xu, Kevin Hamlen and Shuang Hao

    SEISMIC: SEcure In-lined Script Monitors for Interrupting Cryptojacks

  • 250 Saed Alrabaee, Paria Shirani, Lingyu Wang, Mourad Debbabi and Aiman Hanna

    On Leveraging Coding Habits for Effective Binary Authorship Attribution

  • 251 Xueou Wang, Xiaolu Hou, Ruben Rios, Per Hallgren, Nils Tippenhauer and Martin Ochoa

    Location Proximity Attacks against Mobile Targets: Analytical Bounds and Attacker Strategies

  • 254 Lei Yang, Chris Seasholtz, Bo Luo and Fengjun Li

    Hide Your Hackable Smart Home From Remote Attacks: The Multipath Onion IoT Gateways

  • 257 Sebastien Canard, David Pointcheval, Quentin Santos and Jacques Traore

    Practical Strategy-Resistant Privacy-Preserving Elections

  • 259 Julian Kirsch, Zhechko Zhechev, Bruno Bierbaumer and Thomas Kittel

    PwIN - Pwning Intel piN - Why DBI is unsuitable for security applications

  • 261 Zach Smith, Sjouke Mauw, Jorge Toro-Pozo and Rolando Trujillo

    Automated Identification of Desynchronisation Attacks on Shared Secrets

  • 265 Andreas V. Hess, Sebastian A. Modersheim and Achim D. Brucker

    Stateful Protocol Composition

  • 267 Cong Zuo, Shifeng Sun, Joseph Liu, Jun Shao and Josef Pieprzyk

    Secure Dynamic Searchable Symmetric Encryption Schemes Supporting Range Queries

  • 269 Heiko Mantel, Johannes Schickel, Alexandra Weber and Friedrich Weber

    How Secure is Green IT? The Case of Software-Based Energy Side Channels

  • 277 Narges Khakpour and Charilaos Skandylas

    Synthesis of a Permissive Security Monitor

  • 286 Haitao Xu, Zhao Li, Chen Chu, Yuanmi Chen, Yifan Yang, Haifeng Lu, Haining Wang and Angelos Stavrou

    Detecting and Characterizing Web Bot Traffic in a Large E-commerce Marketplace


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